BBC Radio Drama

"The Apple Tree [Jabłonka]" (ang)
Gerda Stevenson

Emisja: 2011-06-09

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2013-08-12 21:47

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Słuchowisko BBC Radio Drama prezentowane na XII Festiwalu "Dwa Teatry - Sopot 2012".

Czas trwania: 44:16

Family drama set on a Scottish island, starring Juliet Stevenson.

Maria is an Englishwoman who has fallen in love with her husband Iain's Highland heritage - but there's a shock in store for them when they take a trip home to his mother's island croft.

It is Hogmanay. Iain, an artist, and the son of a crofter, has just received news of his mother's death. He and Maria set off from Edinburgh to attend the funeral. They drive north in blizzard conditions. Eventually they reach Iain's mother's house, where brother James, sister-in-law Ishbel, and the church elders are gathered. In the aftermath of this family crisis Maria's love affair with the island way of life will be severely tested.

Maria - Juliet Stevenson
Iain - Iain MacRae
James - David Walker
Ishbel - Carina MacLeod
Minister - Angus Peter Campbell

Producer/director: Bruce Young

Gerda Stevenson is a Scottish actress, writer and director. She is married to the Gaelic poet, Aonghas MacNeacail.

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