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I Expected the Worst... Francois Truffaut: Letters

Emisja: 2011-03-30

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2013-01-19 21:49

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I Expected the Worst...(Ep 2 od 3)

Francois Truffaut: Letters

"Dear Monsieur,

You do me too great an honour in asking my advice. I have never written a shooting script and I never know where I'm going to place the camera one hour before I start shooting, which is to say, before seeing the actors move through the set..."

A series of three readings, in which famous directors describe their adventures in the
the movie business:

2. Francois Truffaut: Letters.
His missives are a rich source of insight and amusement, as he
considers the likes of dubious actors, terrible music, freedom
of expression and favourite foods...

Read by Ben Miles

Producer Duncan Minshull

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